EGOstream gave us the certainty we wanted and the growth we wanted. We’ve grown more than 300% in what were negative economic times and are on track for continued growth this year. They’ve transformed our sales business and our whole organisation.
— Tim Wallis, Co-founder & CEO, Content and Code (sold 2018)

Paul, and the EGOstream team, have been a long-term key partner in strengthening me and our business. They have worked with us to reinvigorate our sales, delivery and senior management teams, which drove measurable outcomes that in turn powered our enterprise value. Additionally, as part of the exit strategy we developed with EGOStream, they worked with us to develop a succession plan that was a key value enhancer on exit.
— Mark Travis, Founder, Silverbear (sold 2018)

Yocuda logo.jpg
Our pipeline is definitely more predictable. We have a much more rigoured and professional approach when we engage with retailers to bring them through the pipeline and close out deals. We are more prepared for the next 12 months and EGOstream have put the building blocks in place to be able to grow our team.
— Andrew Carroll, Founder & CEO, Yocuda (sold 2017)

Our investment in the EGOstream sales process and the follow up mentoring during our crucial transition to a cloud based SaaS business helped position Workplace’s leadership in the workforce management cloud world. This ultimately added great value to the company and enabled us to complete a transaction to move the company forward.
— Barney Quinn, CEO, Workplace Systems (sold 2016)

We’re now configured for growth and have established sustained quarterly forecasting
— James Cutler, CEO of Emapsite

The stronger, more effective sales organisation has already driven growth. In 6 months our monthly recurring revenues have increased by 20% above what we would normally expect. Going forward we’ll continue to make more money as a result of the work we have done with EGOstream.
— Dan Sutherland, Founder, Carrenza (sold 2016)

imx logo.png
I have worked with EGOstream for a number of years and over the past 12 months they have supported me in opening up our business operations across Asia and Latin America. They take a no-nonsense, professional approach and I highly recommend them to any business looking to open up international markets.
— William Tickner, CEO, IMX Software Group (sold 2018)

We’d got a team of sales people who were in a comfort zone. They were doing a reasonable job, but we knew they could do more. The business environment was changing so there was a real need to change too.... In a changing business environment EGOstream has enabled us to grow as a business.
— Mike Dearlove, Founder & Managing Director, EACS (sold 2017)

EGOstream engage with passion and energy and have truly helped me build a world-class sales team
— Gary Fry, Managing Director Benelux, Adobe


As a services led company, Redstor’s ongoing growth is dependent on being able to attract and retain the right individuals who can help develop, influence and sell the services and solutions required by our customers. Finding and developing such talent is a big issue for us which was alleviated by the engagement of EGOstream.Their methodical approach, including understanding our business, assessing our sales people and putting together a plan to attract the right talent to take the business to the next level was first class.I am very impressed by their people insight, in particular getting to the real drivers behind each person they work with.

In summary, EGOstream within a short period of time gave me the confidence to know that I could scale the business around a stream of good quality individuals whom they assessed to be right for us.
— Paul Evans, Co-founder, Redstor Limited

Coming together with EGOstream has helped us gain critical insights and align our thinking to prioritise our business objectives. We found the programme gave us inspiration and confidence in making a number of very important decisions that in time will help us catalyse our growth.
— Levon Antonian, Group Managing Director, Halian Ltd

Having spent 15 years in sales leadership roles I was keen to supplement intuition with a rigorous performance improvement system. On completion of the assessment phase with EGOstream it was clear that whilst my team had the fundamental skills to succeed, they were failing to achieve their full potential. The EGOstream approach is best described as the difference between training and learning. Training typically is external, imposing tools, techniques and methodologies from the outside in. Learning comes from within. Only when you get to heart of an individuals goals, aspirations and capabilities, can you help them align their effort with positive outcomes.The work with EGOstream was a true investment in our people with both employee and corporation as the beneficiaries.
— Dave Anderson, Vice President Consulting, Infor

Deltek are an ERP software supplier specialising in solutions for Professional Services companies. It is a fiercely competitive industry and one of the ways we look to have a competitive advantage is to have the best people in the market place. We work extremely closely with EGOstream. They make it their business to have a very deep understanding of our business, so they are able to find the individuals who have the right impact for us. They enable us to attract the best people in the market place and work with us to support their onboarding.
— Neil Davidson, Managing Director, Deltek UK

I have worked with the team at EGOstream for a number of years and highly value the services they provide, from the sales development initiatives they deliver through to being a trusted advisor at both a business and personal level.
— Tony Probert, European Managing Director, Cherwell Software Limited

The insights gained have directly allowed us to improve the way we sell services to our clients. On top of this, we will continue to develop a Services Academy and work with EGOstream to help us build an improved Services Sales Operation.
— Adrian Maile, Director of Services, Cisco Systems

As a business we were focused on the wrong areas when working with clients old and new. With EGOstream’s help we were able to re-focus on how what we do helps our customers reach their objectives. With this approach we had immediate success and were able to see results within 3 months. We’re now working with EGOstream to build on this early success.
— Mark Slocock, Founder & CEO, GPMD Ltd

We are a technology start up with a small team but having EGOstream as a partner has allowed us to work like a big team. The guys have developed and refined our offering and have really helped us become relevant to our customers. We have an ongoing partnership with EGOstream that is helping us achieve our personal and financial goals.
— Matt Doyle, Founder & CEO, launchCloud

We spent valuable time with EGOstream. They assessed our business and helped sharpen our focus triggering business re-organisation and improved growth this year.
— David Stroud, CEO, sparesFinder


We are at a critical stage of Powerlan’s development and engaged with EGOstream to support the growth and development of each of our businesses. We have been incredibly impressed by their commitment, service and results. The early successes have given us the ability to make bigger and better decisions across our organisation and added confidence in our strategy going into the new year. We look forward to continuing a long and very profitable relationship.
— Jon Newbery, Chief Executive Officer, Powerlan Group

This isn’t just about finding someone and getting them to join, this is about making them successful when they join. It’s about making it work together and getting the company to grow. It’s not just about getting one person into a job, its about the company and meeting the company goals.
— Simon Blackbourne, Co-Founder & Commercial Director, Tahola

EGOstream will be continuously involved in the growth of Azurati. Their advice and guidance has proven to be invaluable.
— Howard Bridgeman, Chairman, Azurati

Choosing a business to help drive your organisation’s sales growth is an immense challenge – you have to be able to put great trust in their ability to implement and drive initiatives that match your own ambitions and methods AND consistently deliver results! In the 3 months that EGOstream have been working with Destiny to date, they have secured the confidence of myself and my team and have become a valued and trusted partner.
— Edward Belgeonne, Founder & CEO, Destiny Wireless

I originally retained EGOstream to carry out a Due Diligence project with my Sales and Consulting Divisions. From the outset they very quickly proved themselves to be indispensable in driving the growth of Maconomy UK. Over the past 9 months they have developed the existing infrastructure to reach new levels of performance, provided invaluable direction and support to myself and my leadership team, and attracted highly talented individuals into the business.
— Hugh Stafford-Smith, Managing Director, Maconomy UK

vq-client-logo (1).jpg
VQ commissioned EGOstream to help us recruit a Sales Director. We were at a critical stage of our growth and couldn’t afford to make a hiring mistake. I highly recommend EGOstream and will be working with them again.
— Giles Adams, Managing Director, VQ Communications

Working with EGOstream we found a true partner that was able to assess our needs, inform our hiring strategy and understand our culture. Armed with that insight, they were incredibly effective at identifying, assessing and putting forward candidates for key positions that met all our criteria and upon selection, ensuring closure. The ratio of interviews to successful hires is the best I have experienced in 25 years in the industry.
— Nick Ray, CEO, Prevx Ltd